Celebration Fireworks

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Family Packs

Our most popular type of product because each Family Fireworks Pack comes with a variety of all the most desirable fireworks. It's a variety pack designed to fulfill most of your backyard fireworks requirements in one easy to carry box. It's the perfect way to start your Celebration Display or a great item to bring along to a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bombs) Fireworks Party. Most Family packs come with a Cake, a pair of Missiles, Sparklers, a ground effect or two and of course Roman Candles.
Top off a Family Pack with a Great Finale from one of Our Wide Selection of Cakes!

Roman Candles

No Fireworks Display is complete without them. The very traditional Roman Candles fire balls and/or stars one at a time up into the sky. The right mix of colors adds a desirable element. Always follow the manufacturers instructions and never hold a Roman Candle in your hand. Be safe!

Sparklers and Novelty Fireworks

For many of us a Sparkler was our first experience with Fireworks. These wonderful sticks of sparkling light are the one Firework you can hold safely if you are careful. As the stick sizzles and pops, wave them through the air and watch the trails. Many new Novelty items are released each year, all designed with the same simplicity in mind. Snakes have become popular. Just light them and watch them grow into a snake of ash like it has a life of it's own. Pops are tiny explosives you throw to the ground that Pop on contact. Party Poppers are handheld and the Pop much like 'Crackers" you may have popped at Christmas time, but with a bit more energy and of course they are filled with some type of streamer.

Ground Works

Like the name implies, these fireworks set on the ground or get mounted at or near to the ground (always follow manufacturers instructions) and put on a variety of different ground level displays. Spinners, mini-fans and other displays are all possible.


A concentrated artillery bombardment over a wide area! that's a definition of the word barrage and that's what you get.
You will likely choose a Barrage as your Back Yard Fireworks Celebration Finale. This constant, continuous display of light and sound will wow everyone!
It just keeps coming and coming and coming!


What's a Comet? It's a colorful fireball with a trail racing through the night. The Name says it all.


Mines fire multiple shots at once. Launching single or multi-colored stars into the air, sometimes fanning out, sometimes swirling around each other.
Usually with a good whistling or crackling sound and soemtimes ending with a light punchy explosion.


Fire high into the sky and explode into multiple stars or fireballs bursting in different directions.
The whistle of anticipation as it rises through the sky to an explosive end.


Every Celebration needs a Cake!
Cakes are what we look forward to the most. Filled with eveything we love and they fill us with warmth and joy!
Every cake is packed with a variety of sights and sounds. Strategically built for an orchestrated display of light and sound that will bring as much joy and excitement as any celebration cake does!
It wouldn't be a Celebration Fireworks Display, wihtout a Cake!


Fountains of water you know. Now picture a fountain of light. It's inverted!
Streams of light burst forth in a glowing fountain of bright light and brillian color.
Sure to draw dramatic Ooohs and Aaawwws!

Rockets and Missiles

Powerful, straight forward fast and loud!
Watch with wonder a Rockets and Missiles Whistle into the night sky and Explode as they reach their target!


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