About Celebration Fireworks and BOGO Pyro

Successful entrepeneur Peter Hoekstra just happened to be a real fan of Great Fireworks Disolays.
He has always believed that Hard work should be rewarded with Fun and Affordable Family Celebrations.

As the Story Goes

Way back when; being a father and working hard to build his business, it was important to watch the pennies and build a secure future for his family.
But life's journey should also be fun, so when things like a Family Fireworks display twice a year proved to be a budget straining luxury, Pyro Pete (as he would later be known) was heard to say;

"This is just wrong! Family Fireworks should be Fun and Affordable for Everyone!"

He made it his mission to find a source for great Fireworks so every family can have a backyard Family Fireworks weekend to Celebrate their Family occassions and to Celebrate Canada."

Celebration Fireworks Began in 2000

Peter found several well established, reputable manufacturers who could provide just what was needed.
Fireworks are Fun, but they require care and proper handling. It's a regulated industry for obvious reasons, so he made all the right applications, did all the right training and became fully licensed and authorized to buy and sell pyrotechnic displays.
Safety is always a necessity if you truly want to have long lasting Family Fun!
Soon Celebration Fireworks opened it's first location and Pyro Pete was bringing Safe and Affordable Fireworks to his community friends and neighbours.
As a natural extension, since Peter was now fully qualified as a Display Fireworks tech, Celebration Fireworks began to put on both community and private Display Fireworks Shows!
We do more shows and bigger shows for bigger audiences every year.
Demand for small and medium sized Display Fireworks at Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirements, Club Celebrations and an endless number of other social events is also growing partly due to our strong buying power that helps reduce the cost but mostly due to the careful planning, good orchestration and artistic execution of our night sky light shows.

Good Plans Always Lead to Growth

Word spread about the high quality Family Fireworks available from Celebration Fireworks and soon there were Five Locations across Durham Region.
In 2017 Expansion continued with the opening of our Sixth Location to serve the Kawarthas from Beautiful Buckhorn!
Pyro Pete's vision has taken shape and more Families are enjoying backyard fireworks displays and private Display Fireworks Shows all across Southern Ontario.

Never Lose Sight of our Roots and Always Adapt to our Customers Needs

Pyro Pete hasn't changed his objectives since day one and as economic times change, costs rise and Family budgets are stretched further (and thinner) than ever before, Peter is hearing that his great prices make small Fireworks displays possible but the really grand displays were still not affordable for many Families.
It was time to use the increased sales to flex his muscles and exercise his stronger buying power. It took a lot of time and effort, some strategic buying, a few really great suppliers and in 2012 Pyro Pete Introduced "BOGO Pyro"!
Even better Fireworks Display products are now available to everyone with aggressive "Buy One - Get One Free" sales.
Now Great Family Fireworks are more affordable than ever!

It's All About You, Your Family and Celebration

We will continue to listen to our customers and work to bring you the Best Fireworks products and services at the Best Prices.
We can't respond instantly to every email and request, but we look forward to hearing from you. We will respond either directly or with an update to information on our website, when our customers tell us something that will bring benefit to all our extended Family of Customers. Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to seeing you at one of our sales trailers or at head office to plan your next big occassion!

What's New at Celebration Fireworks?

  • Even More BOGO Selection!
  • Fireworks for Weddings
  • Fireworks for Funerals, A Celebration of Life!